Never Underestimate the Power of Women

Women are valuable and powerful human beings, in which the male society fails to comprehend. Women have value, in which they create life, and the power and strength to influence and change the world. In the novel A Passion of New Eve and Diablo 3 have women of strength and power, who influence and change how society perceives women and humanity itself. Living in the apocalyptic world, characters such as the barbarian and Evelyn have to use their physical and mental strength to survive the madness in the chaotic life they are trying to survive. Both women embark on a journey that will change and influence the world and will also change their perception of life.

The character Eve, ends her journey as a typical, functioning man, who desires women in all different shapes and sizes. Eve’s perception of women: tool to fulfill his selfish desires, is what brings him to the up rise of Evelyn. A one nightstand led the impregnation of a women which Eve proceeded to lead her to get the innocent poor, heart-beat aborted. Eve leaves the women on her way to undergo a traumatic experience, while he is on his way to continue his life problem free. Soon enough, the end of Eve was bound to come and the evolution of Evelyn begun. The evolution of Evelyn has changed the world that she has once lived and the perception of women as a whole. She is put in a new world where she has to adapt, live, and survive with the changes that occurred with her body along with humanity and the world.


There are parallels to Evelyns story to Diablo 3. The barbarians are known as “Bloodthirsty invaders” who will overrule anyone, but are truly perceived to be noble warriors. The Female Barbarian character in Diablo 3 is set to embark her journey to defeat the evils that sought to take over all of humanity. The story of Diablo has been repeated: the evil demon wanting to take over the human race and to rule the world as well as the heavens. There has been a few times where a hero has over ruled Diablo and sent him back to the burning fires of hell, but Diablo 3 had set its debut to allow both genders to be played with great interest. Both men and women are portrayed as the hero and for once, gender is not biased and judged by class. “Character gender was predefined by class. You could play a tough, heroic-looking melee class, but only as a man. If you wanted to play a woman, you were stuck with a scantily-clad caster or archer” (Chambers, 2012). Women are also shown to be heroes with qualities heroes have: fearless, selfless, strong, and powerful. Both women are portrayed to be societies weakest link, but the two stories of the woman barbarian and Evelyn prove society wrong.


The two stories collide when their journey faces obstacles that the women must overcome. In Evelyn’s case, her obstacle was to face the challenges of becoming a women, living, and breathing the things women do and the turmoil they face in the apocalyptic world where society is made up of all women. Living the life of a man who used and shame women, now living the life of a woman is what she has to overcome. Of all things, Evelyn experiences a traumatic incident, which is far worse than what he has ever done as a man: rape. A man named Zero, a man who despise and has a hatred for women, raped Evelyn. Women, the adolescent and adult are raped in the real world and are physically and mentally damaged from the experience. Women fail to develop future relationships, they fall into depression, and isolate themselves from the world. After Evelyn was raped, she did not fail to develop future relationships, or fall into depression, but she escaped Zero and moved on. Not only has she engaged in a relationship, but she has fallen in love. Falling in love means that someone has to have the ability to trust, which would be incapable for women to do after been raped, especially in a apocalyptic world. Soon, she experiences death to someone she loves and has to cope, facing the sadness of being lonely. Evelyn has shown tremendous power to escape Zero, and strength to overcome the challenges that were brought her way.


The female barbarian faces the challenge of defeating Diablo and the evil destruction towards Tristram. In the game, the townspeople of Tristram are terrified of the evils lurking outside their homes and are frightened to encounter them. The people of Tristram, such as Deckard Caine and Leah, turn toward Barbarian to stop the evil forces from taking over and the people of Tristram. An obstacle that the Female Barbarian must face is embarking on the journey alone, and the pressure that the fate of the world is in her hands. What is special about the female barbarian is her strength, through their “melee mastery.” Their weaponry is extraordinary and enormous, for they are for no ordinary warrior. Barbarians swing their weapon of choice, may it be a hammer, cleave, or axe, or even both. They swing until their enemy is squashed into paste. Their strength and anger go hand in hand, as they attack their enemy, their fury increases, which send even powerful, attacks. Barbarians are known for their war cries, which can send their enemies into “battle frenzy.” Battle frenzy would set their allies to attack harder, giving them more energy or scare their enemies, making it easier for the barbarian to kill their enemy. Their physicality is also a trait that the barbarians have, as they are known for taking hits and strikes and to still be able to defeat them. Their flesh is strong enough to deflect cuts and their heavy and enormous armory helps protect them. During their journey, she faces endless attacks from Diablo and experiences many murders. Traveling to different cities to save the world, the Female Barbarian succeeds to defeat Diablo and the evils invading Tristram.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.51.37 AM

Both women face obstacles in their journey and are challenged whether they can overcome whatever obstacle comes their way. Evelyn and the female barbarian successfully overcome their obstacles, which shows their true power and strength. Women are valuable human beings to life because they bring meaning. Women are capable of many things that society does not realize and need to appreciate the things they do for society and their accomplishments.


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Topic Proposal

To end the semester, I want to discuss the strength and power that women hold comparing the woman barbarian and the eve/evelyn. They both live in a world who are at war and survive it. Although eve was a man, she realizes the power and strength women have with what they have been through with the example of Eve being a man him/herself. The woman barbarian uses her physicality to destroy the evils and is also on her own. Being a woman and having to go through war also represents strength and power. I want to present my final project using a few visuals and or maybe through a powerpoint.

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Diabo III

The purpose of public play is for you to play with other people. They can help you defeat the evils and help you finish your quests. In my opinion, I did not like public play because the other players would leave you behind, finishing the quest for you, which made the game boring. They also killed off all the zombies and monsters which also made it boring. I was not on public play for that long.

The different typology of Diablo III are free, separate, uncertain, unproductive, and governed by rules.
FREE: What makes Diablo 3 fun is that the players are free to do anything in the game, with time to waste. They have as much time to level up, or just to make a lot of money. They can complete their quests on their own time.
SEPARATE: As for separate, it could be almost as if it were free because the games structure allows players to finish their quest freely. But, also have the option to complete events that pop up randomly during the duration of the player completing their quest.
UNCERTAIN: The uncertainty is the players initiate to complete ther quests.
UNPRODUCTIVE: The point of Diablo 3 is to complete quests and defeat Diablo and the other prime evils. The player does the opposite, and instead just trades goods amongst other unproductive players.
GOVERNED BY RULES: There are rules in every game that you follow.

In the public gaming, the last quest my partner played was The Weeping Hollow. She had conversations and followed other players. She discovered the large amount of mummies she had to defeat and also discovered new creatures to kill. She attained new skills
and found use of the merchant and traded a few items with him. During her quest, she found the erie cathedral and died many times. She had defeated the wretched mothers and killed 3/3, completing the event. My partner had explained how the music intensifies the moment making it realistic and the level of anxiety increases. The sounds of the footsteps, the conversations, and the shootings of the arrows make it realistic as well.




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Introduction to Diablo III

-Significance of a hero in the story is to defeat Diablo and to free Tristram from hell.

-Rules of the game is to complete your objectives throughout the game, kill zombies,collect as many gold as you can, and level up so you’re character is strong enough to defeat Diablo

-My partner Kelaiah, chose the character the Demon Hunter. She talked to Leah, Captaim Rumpsford, and the merchant

-My partners Demon hunter is at level 3 and collected 503 gold

-My partners inventory has a shield, chest armor, pants, and a sword

-Nothing was sold or bought from the merchant

-The skills available for my partner is the hungering arrow(primary) and the impale knife (Secondary)

-What makes the Demon hunter a Hero is the fearless drive to defeat diablo and his minions. He is courageous for taking on hell by himself.

-This type of gaming can save the world because there is are angels and evil and with that, comes good and evil.There is always a hero emerging, and willing to sacrifice their own life to save humanity.






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The Silicon Valley and Technology

The region of the Silicon Valley is south of San Francisco in Northern California. Silicon Valley is centered in the Santa Clara County and there lies many of the worlds largest technology corporations and small start ups. The Silicon Valley obtained their name by the use of the silicon chip, innovators and manufacturers. It is composed of the high tech businesses in the area. The Silicon Valley is the leading hub for high tech innovations and development and is comprised of the Santa Clara County, San Jose, Southern Peninsula, and Southern East Bay.

Technology is anything man made, which allows people to be more tech savvy. Technology improves the way people use their resources efficiently and may better the lives of many, for people invest their lives in technology. Technology has given people the opportunity to be creative and innovative, for example the Silicon Valley, and Steve Jobs, have helped technology grown into something amazing. To be without technology is a picture I cannot paint because I, myself is dependent upon technology. Dealing without technology has made me feel disconnected from the world, and unsafe. What I did for an hour without technology was exercise outside for an hour with my fellow canine, Giant. One reason why I felt unsafe was because I usually take my phone with me everywhere, just incase I find myself in a situation where I am in trouble, 911 is just a call away. Talking a walk and exercising with my dog outdoors gave me the advantage of appreciating the environment and the things that aren’t man made, such as the warmth the sun gives and the oxygen the trees and plants give off.

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Alex 3.0 Juvenile

Infograph Alex 1.0-3.0

Alex 3.0 Juvenile

At the end of the novel, A Clockwork Orange, Alex has gone through a growth phase during the time of his juvenile past, his time being in jail, and post-jail time. In a sense, he was almost reborn and rehabilitated into a mature man. At the end of volume three, Alex still speaks in the nadstad slang. The nadstad slang will forever be apart of him, just like his juvenile days during Alex 1.0. Alex 1.0 and Alex 2.0 will forever be apart of him, which are what made him, Alex. “Suddenly I felt both very very tired and also full of tingly energy…I felt bored and a bit hopeless”(Burgess p. 101) Volume three starts off Alex narrating the chapter with his new droogs at the bar he used to go to in the beginning of the novel. Him and his droogs discuss what their plans are for the night while they have some drinks. The “tired” part of Alex is the mature man in him and doesn’t feel the need to include himself in the rebellious acts of their night. The “tingly energy” is the juvenile in him, longing for another horrorshow night. His tingly energy leads to an act that brings him back to the olden days during Alex 1.0. “I fisted him real skorry ack ack ack in the belly.”(Burgess p. 101) Although Alex does not seem to be juvenile during volume three, he tries to revert back to his old habits and acts of violence but is not successful in getting the thrill and excitement of it like he did back in his old days while Alex 1.0 still existed. “More and more these days I had been just giving the orders and standing back to viddy them being carried out.”(Burgess p.101) He has the thoughts and feelings of a juvenile, showing that he hasn’t fully matured., but not acting upon the orders makes him grow up in the process. I think that his juvenile past will stay with him to the grave, especially the nadstad slang. Alex 1.0 and 2.0 are what made him the person today. It is all a part of growing up.


Burgess, A. (1986 ). A Clockwork Orange . New York : W.W. Norton & Company Inc.

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What makes a monster?

What makes a monster?

When the word monster is mentioned, such adjectives are used like ugly, big, beast, and demon. People may think of Godzilla, Count Dracula, and mummies. In Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein has created a creature, which turned into a monster. What makes the creature a monster is he starts to terrorize Victor by hurting the people he most cares about. Before the creature was labeled a monster, the creature was born with free will and no knowledge of the norms society has. After the murder of Victor’s brother, William, he comes to the conclusion that the creature had murdered him. From there on forward, the creature, his very own creation is seen as a monster. “I had been the author of unalterable evils; and I lived in daily fear, lest the monster whom I had created should perpetrate some new wickedness.” (pg 66). The ideal monster has people living in fear. For instance, Victor, he cannot live a happy and normal life anymore because the monster is a burden to him. The monster is haunting and harassing him. The ideal monster also has its specific physical attributes. When Victor faces him for the first time in years, he is appalled. “He approached; his countenance bespoke bitter anguish, combined with disdain and malignity, while its unearthly ugliness rendered it almost too horrible for human eyes.” (pg 72) The monsters form and how he was made makes him physically a monster. He is not “normal” looking to people and is considered abnormal. Movies portray monsters very well, with the wonders of make up. The movie Frankenstein, paints the perfect picture Shelly described the monster in the book.

From the monster’s point of view, he does not know any better like a curious child wanting to touch wet paint. He starts his journey on his own to find an understanding of the unknown world ahead of him. He found a small hut and was inquisitive.  Then found a village that living people there. “The whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me, until, grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons.” (pg 78) Other people see him as a monster too. This scene can be also be seen in movies like Resident Evil, and Godzilla. Besides having a monstrous appearance, the monster’s feelings do not match his monsters like features. From the monster’s point of view, he feels he is not a monster. Victor Frankenstein may not appear to be a monster, due to his appearance, but one can question his actions and behavior as if he is a monster too. Victor Frankenstein created his “monster” without thinking about the consequences, blinded by ignorance. Once Victor created the monster, he disapproved his creation. “I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror of disgust filled my heart.” (pg 37) This makes Victor ugly, for he is vain. He gave life, as if a mother giving life to a child, but abandoned him. His actions make him a monster. For what Victor did, he went against the social norm.




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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner response

After reading the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the first thing that came to mind was, “poor old man.” I depicted the overall tone of the poem to be lonely and sympathetic. Punishment and guilt is also another tone that I felt in the poem.The old man, also known as the mariner was being punished for murdering an albatross. The albatross seemed to be an important symbol in the poem, a symbol of hope to the mariner and his crew members which they thought helped lead them toward their destination.

In the story, the mariner was sworn to wear the dead albatross around his neck a form of punishment, for he had murdered the bird. There is an origin behind wearing a albatross around ones neck. An albatross is a large seabird, who seamen claimed to have special powers. They are the birds who flew over boats that holds the spirits of lost and dead men of the sea. It was believed that hauntings and malicious things are to come if death was acted upon the albatross.The speaker(s) of the poem seem to be sympathetic to the mariners from his action to kill the albatross. There is a hermit, who the mariner looked forward to meeting. He hoped the hermit would free him from his guilt from killing the albatross. There were the pilot and pilots boy. When he saw them coming his way, the feeling of loneliness faded and felt hope. Though, they looked at the mariner as the devil after witnessing surviving a deathly whirl pool.

In the beginning of the poem, a mariner is on a journey to a wedding and experiences, what may seem to be paranormal activity, having wild imaginations, and hallucinations. The mariner killed an albatross and is left with consequences for his action. He done penance for his murder which caused him loneliness, with no food or water or the company of his crew. He was left stranded to die. He was then brought upon liveliness from paranormal visit and was set sail once again. His punishment was to tell his tale of his journey for everyone to know at all times. The story takes place during the time when Columbus was popular. The speaker is on the boat, physically and spiritually. Even though the mariners crew was dead, his surroundings were alive, haunting him. The speaker feels compelled to speak because he committed an act that was frowned upon; killing the albatross.




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First time for everything.


My name is Marivelle Solanzo and this is my first blog post. I am a health science major, student, girlfriend, and daughter. I love dogs (I have three of them; Gucci, Benji, and Giant). I am a Laker fan and Kobe Bryant lover. Random fact about me is I am a black belt in Martial Arts. Traveling is something I need to do at least once a year. Living life spontaneously is must because I hate being boring and inactive. I recently became a gym junkie, because I believe a healthy body is a healthy soul.

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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